Hostal The Old Town

Developer: Estemar Meridanus s.l
Location: Calle Caridad, Estepona, Málaga

Year of construction: 2018
Completion period: 4 months

Through a client, he asked us for help as a friend of his bought a plot in the old town of Estepona and wanted to build this magnificent hostel in the old town of Estepona, and with a local architect Juan Ángel  Pérez Sáez together we have done the big work of this building.

Hostal The Old Town Calle Caridad 94 in Estepona, The construction of this new building on behalf of a client who wanted to set up his business in Estepona.

The excavation, foundations and structure of this building located in calle caridad 94 in Estepona. With the main difficulty of carrying out the work in such small spaces, with the use of heavy machinery is one of the main drawbacks to be overcome without interfering in the life of the locality and also, meeting the promised deadlines.

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